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...sharing the joy and playfulness that is central to childhood.

Through its ‘Share The Happiness’ program, S2S invites you to connect with a less fortunate child in a meaningful and uplifting way, creating an invisible bond that promotes happiness, sharing, friendship, compassion and global awareness.

With the sale of each limited-edition Buddy or Baby Buddy

we will gift another unique and colourful Smile 2 Smile Buddy on your behalf to a child in need. Smile 2 Smile is proud to offer an outstanding product your little ones will love and cherish, along with an uplifting opportunity to make a global connection and create social awareness.

In addition to brightening the day of a child in need, your purchase also actively supports mothers of the community of Hinche, Haiti. By setting up our first production studio in this rural town, we strive to empower local women by providing them with a fair and reliable income, a safe work environment and ongoing training to further their professional growth. This also benefits their families and the local communities.






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Adopt a buddy!

Adopt a Buddy!