What’s the difference between the Buddy and Baby Buddy?

Buddy was the very first Smile 2 Smile product to be developed. Although its final design has been refined since the early days, the Buddy’s creation was instinctive and heart-felt. Children like Buddy’s unique features that include long arms for hugs (and to drag Buddy along or throw him around!), big floppy ears to listen to secrets, a round, huggable body and a fashionable bow.

Buddy is best for ages 4-9

Baby Buddy was born out of our customers’ request for a toy especially adapted for babies. The Baby Buddy features a soft, blanket-like body which a baby can easily hold and cuddle up to. Its eyes and nose are embroidered for safety. Baby Buddy features the same details children love about the original Buddy: long arms, an adorable face, big ears and a cute bow. Its unique design and vivid colours make Baby Buddy irresistible!

Baby Buddy is best for ages 0-4

To shop our current Buddy and Baby Buddy designs, head over to our “Buddy Shop” page.

What are the Buddies and Baby Buddies made of?

Buddy is made of high quality, 100% cotton fabrics and stuffed with 100% polyester. The eyes and nose are embroidered for safety.

Baby Buddy is made of 100% cotton and 100% polyester fabrics, for an incredibly soft touch. It is also stuffed with high quality polyester and has safe embroidered features.
All the Smile 2 Smile materials are Canadian-sourced.

Is the Buddy/Baby Buddy safe for my child?

We craft all of our toys with the utmost care, using small stitches and strong thread. The ears, tail, arms and feet have all been triple-stitched for increased durability and safety. Each Buddy’s bow is firmly hand-stitched and its facial features are safely embroidered by our artisans.

Adult supervision is recommended at all times.

How do I clean my child’s Buddy/Baby Buddy?

We recommend spot cleaning your Buddy with a mild detergent and a damp cloth, to preserve the beauty of its high quality fabrics. However, it can also be machine washed with care, if necessary. We recommend a delicate, cold water cycle and the use of a mild detergent. Place your Buddy in a light-coloured pillow case to wash. Do not machine dry.

Do you offer a quality warranty?

Smile 2 Smile strives to offer products of impeccable quality. However, should you encounter any quality issues with your beloved Buddy or Baby Buddy, please contact us at and we will gladly arrange for its repair or replacement.

Where are the Buddies made?

Each Smile 2 Smile Buddy is proudly handcrafted in our studios in Hinche, a rural town of Haiti’s Central Plateau. Curious to learn more about the production process? Take a look at our Crafting Smiles page to see the hard work and dedication behind all the smiles!

The Buddy I want is out of stock. When will you get more?

Each one of our Buddy and Baby Buddy designs are produced in limited quantities to maintain their uniqueness and authenticity. If your favorite Buddy is no longer available, do not despair! We will have fresh, vibrant and beautiful new designs for you in no time!

Where do you ship?

Smile 2 Smile ships throughout Canada and the US via Canada Post. Shipping fees and turnaround times may vary depending on your specific location.



How does Smile 2 Smile support communities in Haiti?

In addition to brightening the day of children in need, your Smile 2 Smile purchase also actively supports families in the community of Hinche, in the Central Plateau. By setting up our first production studio in this rural Haitian town, we strive to empower local women by providing them with fair and reliable income, a safe work environment and ongoing training. By engaging underprivileged women in the very production of our Buddies, our objective is to synthesize philanthropy with empowerment and opportunity.
To learn more about how your purchase is impacting the lives of our artisans, head over to our “Crafting Smiles” page.

What is the Share The Happiness program?

Through its Share The Happiness program, Smile 2 Smile invites you to connect with a less fortunate child in a meaningful and uplifting way, creating an invisible bond that promotes happiness, friendship, global awareness, sharing and compassion.

For each purchase of our handmade, limited-edition Buddy or Baby Buddy, Smile 2 Smile will gift another one on your behalf to a vulnerable child.

Since 2014, Smile 2 Smile has distributed hundreds of Buddies to children in hospitals and orphanages across Haiti, collaborating with established organizations such as Partners In Health and Maison L’Arc-En-Ciel. In each location we visited, we spread happiness, love and friendship, bringing big bright smiles to the faces of little ones, from the AIDS orphans at MAEC to the sick children in the hot, overcrowded rooms of St-Marc’s Hospital.

With your Smile 2 Smile purchase, you join us in sharing the special magic of childhood that each child deserves, regardless of socio-economic circumstances.

Can I get more information about the child to whom I gifted a Buddy?

Because Smile 2 Smile as well as the various health providers who assist us in gifting Buddies wish to protect the children’s privacy, we unfortunately cannot provide our customers with information about the children who receive the toys. When possible and appropriate, we try to capture all the joyful moments and beautiful smiles, and share them with you on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Why Haiti?

Smile 2 Smile founder Melissa Calixte has special ties to Haiti, as part of her family is from a small town off the western coast of the island. More importantly, the people of Haiti have shown an indisputable spirit in the face of adversity, and we aim to honor that resiliency and positive attitude by making Haiti a central part of both our gifting program and production process.

Our trips to Haiti in the past few years have taught us so much about the true meaning of community, support, happiness and dignity, and we are proud to work closely with Haitian families and communities to broaden and deepen our social impact.

When will the Buddies be gifted in Haiti?

Since initiating the Share The Happiness program, Smile 2 Smile has gifted to vulnerable children once annually, typically in the spring/summer. As we grow and have even more Buddies to gift, we will be working closely with various local health and community organizations to distribute toys year round. We will keep you updated on all our gifting events and partnerships.

Do you plan to work with other countries internationally?

We dream of sharing happiness with children all over the world, and Haiti is just our first stop. We intend to broaden our reach and share even more smiles and happiness around the globe!

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