Smile 2 Smile presently offers 2 different lines of beautiful, high-quality handcrafted products: the original Buddy and the Baby Buddy. The original Buddy is most attractive for children from 4 to 9 years old. The Baby Buddy is better suited for little ones under 4 years of age, as it has a soft, blanket-like “body” and safe embroidered features. They are made of Canadian-sourced fabrics, chosen for their bright, cheerful patterns and colours.


Buddy was the very first S2S product to be developed. Although its final design has been refined since the early days, the Buddy’s creation was instinctive and heart-felt. Children love Buddy’s unique features: very long arms for hugs (and to drag Buddy along or throw him around!), big floppy ears to listen to secrets, a round, huggable body and a fashionable bow. Buddy is made of colourful 100% cotton fabric and stuffed with 100% polyester. The eyes and nose are safely embroidered.

Baby Buddy

Smile 2 Smile’s Baby Buddy is specially adapted for babies. The Baby Buddy features a soft, blanket-like body which a baby can easily hold and cuddle up to. Its facial features are embroidered for increased safety. Baby Buddy embodies the same details children love about the original Buddy: long arms, an adorable face, big ears and a cute bow. The unique design, stimulating contrast in fabric texture and vivid colours make Baby Buddy an irresistible gift choice for newborns and toddlers alike. Baby Buddy is made of 100% cotton and 100% polyester fabrics and stuffed with 100% polyester.

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Adopt a Buddy!